ΤΕΤΤΤΙX | Ιnterferences #2

Friday 20/3, 21:00
8€, 5€
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Picking it up from where they left it last year, ΤΕΤΤΤΙX bring James Tenney back to KET and build around his “naked” sound “Ιntererences #2”. Swell Pieces, written on postcards sent to friends, are what their title stands for: a sound wave that swells and then recedes. The music of the other composers interferes with this wave and alters our perception of motion and of the flow of time.

Kondo puts into operation a subtle mechanism that produces high notes constantly, while in Troiani a dark and distorted sound seems to be moving underground. In Wolff time is on the performers’ side (!), since all musical parameters –except for melody– depend on their own choices. Sarto causes an unstable movement within a stable rhythmic environment, and Ter Veldhuis, by “stretching” and “compressing” a ready-made material, gives us a work based on the melodics of human speech.

“Vienne la nuit sonne l’heure” (Come the night, toll the hour) as Apollinaire would say…

James Tenney (1934-2006) | Swell Pieces 1, 2 & 3 (1967, 1971)
Christian Wolff (1934) | Exercise 1 (1973)
Jo Kondo (1947) | Standing (1973)
JacobTV (Jacob ter Veldhuis) (1951) | TA TA TA TA (1998)
Andrea Sarto (1979) | Toccata (2016)
Lorenzo Troiani (1989) | Cratere a calice. Figure Rosse (2013)
+ group improvisations and interferences

ΤΕΤΤΤΙX members that perform in this concert include: Ana Chifu (flute), Eirini Amanatiadou (clarinet), Guido de Flaviis (saxophone), Mislav Režić (guitar), Stamatis Pasopoulos (accordion), Katerina Konstantourou (piano), Charis Pazaroulas (double bass).

Photo by Brian Coon.
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