“42 years day 42 years night”

Monday 22 April 2024 | 21:00
Info / Ticket Reservations: & ☏ 213 00 40 496

The improvisational project “42 years day 42 years night” presents the self-titled album recently released by double bassist Giorgos Kokkinaris and drummer Socrates Tsentoglou: a poster album whose music is available digitally and on line through a QR Code printed on paper.

The artwork of the album is created by Sofia Ioannidou.

At KET, the two musicians collaborate with Dimitris Ventourakis, improvising all together.

The album will be available at the venue during the concert.

Socrates Tsentoglou – drums

Dimitris Ventourakis – piano

Giorgos Kokkinaris – double bass

The drummer Socrates Tsentoglou started in 2007 with drums, piano and music theory. In 2016, he settled in Copenhagen, where he attended composition and jazz improvisation seminars. He formed the band “Kepler is free” with which he recorded two albums. In addition to the improvisational duo “Forty two years day forty two years night”, he currently performs with the trio “How deep – how high”, with whom he has recorded and released two albums.

The double bassist Giorgos Kokkinaris composes, improvises and collaborates with people from the fields of composition, visual arts, poetry and dance. His art is based on the physicalization of music through voice and movement and the use of new technologies. He gives concerts abroad and organizes seminars on improvisation. He is part of the editorial team of the magazine “” which aims to strengthen the local music community.

Dimitris Ventourakis works on music performance and music teaching. His main instrument is the piano, and he is involved in improvisational composition, performance and discography, as well as in written composition. He is a founding member of Athens Arts Collective, which focuses on developing environments suitable for artistic creation, teaching and research. Ηe has completed studies in musicology, music theory, classical piano, improvisational and non-improvisational ensembles, and jazz performance, composition and theory.