Able Noise / The Coal

Thursday 19 October 2023 | 21:00
Info / Ticket Reservations: & ☏ 213 00 40 496

Able Noise is George and Alex’ experimental baritone guitar and drum duo, based between The Hague, the Netherlands and Athens, Greece. Through the use of voices, tapes and alternative methods of playing their instruments, they create a minimal and visual musical performance. Their output has been primarily focused on live concerts, letting their music be shaped by the physicality of their playing, the acoustic and aesthetic properties of the space, and the dynamics formed between themselves and their audience. Their recorded work relies less on their respective instruments, and more on an assemblage of field recordings, out of context snippets of concerts, and memos of pieces to be, all of which are processed and warped through tape, employed as an instrument of its own.

Since 2021, The Coal has existed as a trio consisting of Giannis Arapis (electric guitar), Simos Riniotis (drums / percussion) and Dimos Vryzas (Violin / FX) joined the group in December 2021. Always improvising on the spot, the trio investigates new musical paths through the creation of liminal spaces that redefine the limits between the genres while introducing us to a brand new territory that can best be described as avant folk. Exploring the boundaries of their own instruments, the three musicians attempt to construct common sonic territories only to deconstruct them again in a violent or a much quieter way, always depending on the circumstances and requirements of each particular moment. The abstract tonal soundscapes of the guitar / violin alternate ceaselessly with atonality while the primitive minimalism of the drums / objects ventures to merge the whole experiment in a single unified voice.