Abstand Presents: Logs / MIZI / Andrey Guryanov

Sunday 8 October 2023 | 21:00
Info / Ticket Reservations: & ☏ 213 00 40 496

On the occasion of the release of MIZI’s new album “Watch Paint Dry” in Abstand, Berlin-based label founders Andrey Guryanov and Dasha Zvezdin (Logs) visit KET for a unique concert of experimental electronic music.

“Watch Paint Dry” will be available at the concert in its physical form (MP3-Player encased in silicone).

Logs is an experimental electronic audio-visual duo of Dasha Zvezdin and Andrey Guryanov. Logs’ music is a mixture of conventional electronic timbres, infinite sustain guitar and heavy processing of sound material, be it a field recording or a musical quote. Each layer of sound organizes physical parameters such as distance, deepness, light, or lack of it and blends it into a dense space. Percussive timbres and the rhythm of this music depend on probability and pattern rather than tempo, creating a special dancing experience. They perform with their own software created to reflect their ideas and conceptions.  Logs’  sound  textures  are  rich  and  complex,  both  futuristic  and  retrospective  to  the electronic music era.

ΜΙΖΙ – Media Rummaging

Media rummaging refers to the erratic exploration of different media and storage devices. A mixture of 4-track cassette recorders, turntables and circuit-bent CD-players and CDJs is employed together with a Max/MSP patch that samples the output of the devices and playbacks in a non-linear way. The functionality of the playback medium is turned upside down. The objects are transformed from an obsolete collector’s item into an improviser’s tool. A salvaged collection of records, CDs and cassettes found in flea markets and junk shops is prepared, cracked and transmuted alongside various other surfaces and material. The plastic remnants of the last century are transformed and re-introduced as a rhythmical cut-up collage of pop music, and surface noise. The sound of media rummaging is a molten liquid collage of sonic artifacts, motor noises, decaying popular music of the past, hip-hop cuts, home-made tape recordings and mangled soundscapes. Rummaging the medium is a voyeuristic look into the act of recording, the archives of the past and the devices themselves. The vault opened and we explore the remnants.

Andrey Guryanov

My current live sets are focused on feedback-based, self-balancing sonic systems. I built a sound model similar in its principles to economical and social models, utilizing acoustic, digital and analog devices based on self feeding signals to create a sonic situation based in real-time and current space.