Agile Experiments Athens: Sound & Movement

Thursday 18/4, 21:00

Agile Experiments is a collaborative project, run by the musician and producer Dave De Rose (Moloko / Mulatu Astatke / Rokia Traore / Mark Ronson). Beginning with some of Britain’s most recognized musicians, the project unites artists through free-form improvisation that is not limited to specific musical styles.

The collective was first introduced through a series of one-hour concerts at “The Agile Rabbit Pizzeria” in the heart of Brixton Village and continued with recordings of one-hour sessions in several DIY studios. Parts of these recordings have been released in two 12-inch limited edition albums in 2018 (Agile Experiments Vol.1 & Vol.2), which collectors quickly wanted to acquire.

Aware of the creativity of the Athenian music scene, Dave flew to the capital to explore the local scene, find new members and create a record titled Agile Experiments Athens. Combining spontaneous musical creation with improvisational composition in modern dance, Agile Experiments goes beyond music: musicians Saber Rider (keyboards / electronics), Fotis Siota (electronics) and Dave De Rose (drums / percussion) are collaborating with the dancers Athena Kyrousis and Theano Xydia, attempting a two-sided and unpredictable audiovisual performance.

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