“Agoromana” by A. Mitsopoulou

every Friday, from 11 November 2022 to 7 April 2023 | 21:00
12€, 10€, 5€
Info / Ticket Reservations:
reservations required: & ☏ 213 00 40 496
Aphrodite Mitsopoulou
Iakovos Molymbakis, Aphrodite Mitsopoulou
Maria Karathanou
Lights :
Apostolis Koutsianikoulis
Kostas Mitsopoulos
Assistant director:
Maria Haritopoulou
Domniki Mitropoulou
on stage:
Aphrodite Mitsopoulou, Iakovos Molymbakis

“Motherhood is like a sacred thing that everyone respects – until you get on the trolley that everyone curses you for having the trolley to get to 15.”

“It’s a huge load of logistics that a mum has on her head! To take a break from what I’m living, I’m going to the grocery store, my friend…”

“Basically you fall into the sea and swim. And there’s a storm.”

A young mother finds that, despite social pressure and constant encouragement, she is called upon to respond alone to an arduous and intensive task. Is she the only one who experiences it this way? Is she a bad mother?

The performance explores, narrates and deconstructs the experiences of motherhood and fatherhood. It gradually illuminates the gender roles that persist today. It seeks to pick up the thread of violence against women from the beginning.

Between stand-up comedy, documentary and musical performance, “Agoromana” finds a voice by listening to and conveying the voices and desires of many other women.

“Well, I’m never having a baby with a man again.”

*The performance is in the greek language.