“Here is a story of mystery”

Saturday/Sunday, 25 & 26 November 2023 | 12:00 – 15:00
Info / Ticket Reservations:
reservations required: & 213 00 40 496

What do we create in a writing workshop, what do we create in a music workshop and what will happen if we combine both?

The aim of the workshop is to answer these questions with creativity and improvisation. Drawing inspiration and motifs from the fourth mystery adventure of “The Blue Socks Gang: A Midsummer Night’s Thief” (published by Aeolos), the team will create their own mystery narratives, explore how music can make everything a little more real and above all it will play with stories and sounds.

The workshop is for people around 8 to 12 years old who want to create mystery stories and learn how music can take their stories to the next level.

The group will be coordinated by writer and theater teacher Miranda Vatikioti in collaboration with musicians Vassilis Tzavaras and Michalis Nivolianitis.

At the end of the workshop there will be a short presentation by the children to their parents and companions.

* In case of participation of a second child from the same family, the price for the second child is 35 euros.

* The workshop is conducted in the greek language.

Miranda Vatikioti has studied theater and dance. Since 2006, she is the author of detective novels for adults and mystery stories for children (published by Aeolos, Pikramenos, K. M. Zacharakis, Papadopoulos). She has worked as a coordinator of creative and educational programs in the field of Civil Society, as a theater teacher in public and private structures, as a performing arts dramatist. Since 2019, he has been teaching creative writing to adults and minors.

Michalis Nivolianitis is a music composer, arranger and producer, specialized in composing music for audiovisual media. With Vassilis Tzavaras and Leonidas Karakatsanis, he is a founding member of Occasional Dream, a musical group with which they represented Greece at the Biennale of young artists in Rome in 1999. He collaborates with the composer Alexandros Christaras: they co-sign their works for cinema, television and theatre as Dna.

Vassilis Tsavaras is a musician, composer, singer, improviser and music teacher. Member of the bands Occasional Dream, Take the money and run, Project 37, 4+1, Silent Move, Rabbit’s Eye, Storyville Ragtimers, the theater group Atonal and the art group Gnous, he has been involved in jazz, free improvisation and music for theater. He has released 5 personal records.

The “Blue Socks Gang” (books by Aeolos publishers) is a mystery series for children created in 2019 by Miranda Vatikioti in collaboration with Aeolos publications and illustrator D. K. Pantazis. As the Gang itself has stated, “although we hardly ever wear blue socks, although we don’t have a leader, we love animals and our friends, we like to search to find where the truth hides, we like adventures and above all the mysteries to unravel them”.

Miranda Vatikioti, Michalis Nivolianitis and Vassilis Tsavaras met creatively in 2021. The reason for their collaboration was Miranda Vatikiotis’ crime book series “The Blue Socks Gang” and their need to create a hybrid form of musical storytelling or, better, narrative after music. Since then they have presented creative writing and music workshops as well as mystery stories on stage.