Artiom Constantinov (IT) / Voim Ateri – Lia Mori (GR) / Electrohead (GR)

Saturday 24 February 2024 | 20:00
12€, 8€
Info / Ticket Reservations: & ☏ 213 00 40 496

Three sets of electronic sound by Artiom Constantinov, the duo Voim Ateri – Lia Mori and Electrohead.

Artiom Constantinov is an audio-visual artist who explores glitch, sound deterioration and noise as sonic material, in combination with audio-reactive generative visuals. In his compositions he often deals with social themes related to the environment, the alienation of the individual and the effects of capitalism.

Voim Ateri (sound artist, composer, animal rights activist) and Lia Mori (visual artist, architectural engineer, animal rights activist) are an Athens-based audiovisual duo whose work focuses on integrating sound, visuals and programming languages. They aim to narrate and comment on sociopolitical, philosophical and technological issues with an allegorical character. Individually but also as a duo they have participated in festivals, symposiums and exhibitions.

Ioannis Gardiklis (aka Electrohead) is a sound artist, composer and producer of electronic music. In his works he uses music as a means of communication with different visual and performing art forms and explores the relationship between technology and music. Among his most recent works is the solo concept album “Magma” (2023), a combination of musical genres, emotions and sounds of everyday life that outlines the possibility of rebirth after destruction. Among the collaborations he has developed are the cross-experimental project “VEI Scale” that connects electronic sound with contemporary poetry, the presentation of installations in exhibitions and participation in inter-artistic programmes.

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