Balkan Can Kino | screening of short documentaries + Q&A

Friday 24/1, 20:30
free entrance
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Balkan Can Kino | “Onstage/Offstage/Backstage”
screening of short documentaries + Q&A

Balkan Can Kino presents a special screening night hosted by the independent art space KET – TV Control Center. The screening is dedicated to the voices, stories and experiences of people and artists from around the world working in theatre, performance, ballet and other art fields, through a selection of recent international short documentaries (El Salvador, Germany, Ghana, Greece, Bulgaria). The screening will be followed by a Q&A session with Hugo Mata Parducci, the director of the film ÚNICA.


– ÚNICA (El Salvador, 2019, 20′)
dir. Hugo Mata Parducci

Hugo Mata Parducci’s film is a documentary portrait. It tells the story of Yamileth, who works as a light technician for theater. She speaks about her life, reflecting on the difficulties and the constant struggle so that her work is visible and respected, in an environment that historically – at least in El Salvador – has always been the exclusive domain of men.

– New Era/Νέα Εποχή (Greece, 2018, 12′)
dir. Peggy Zouti

A documentary about the shadow theatre and its struggle through the years of crisis. How the modern pupeteers initiate the old art of shadow theatre, attempting to support their profession in the field of entertainment, while having to compete with technology and the digital age.

– A Monologue in the Intermission (Bulgaria, 2018, 25′)
dir. Peter Vulchev

Documentary-portrait of ballerina Vesa Tonova, shot within six hours during “Swan Lake” show in Sofia 2014. Amidst the charged atmosphere of the show, Tonova, from her dressing room, makes the most sincere revelations about her life.

– Va-Bene (Germany-Ghana, 2018, 10’)
dir. Brenda Jorde

Va-Bene does performance art and critics Ghanaian conventions that don‘t leave space for anything out of the common definitions. The inspiring portrait focusses on his life performance. He dresses in a feminine way to challenge the Ghanaian way of looking at various bodies. He proves that you don‘t have to feel oppressed yourself to fight for tolerance and humanity. trailer:

– Luca m/w/d (Germany, 2019, 7′)
dir. Hannah Schwaiger & Ricarda Funnemann

“I feel my own sex very changeable, it never feels like I am a man or a woman. But only a body to which belongs a spirit and a mind that creates“ this is how Luca describes themself. In the theater, Luca found a way to develop more empathy. An effect that may someday be passed on to people who object to Luca’s looks, beliefs, and way of loving them.

The films will be screened with english subtitles.