BOU | ghost stories

every Monday & Tuesday, from 28/1 to 5/3, 21:30
10€, 8€, 5€
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What are the things that scare us? Ghosts? Noises in the night?

In the first ghost story that the actors narrate in the play BOU, fear comes from an old 19th century gravure, a very simple one: it shows a mansion somewhere in the english countryside, but one of the windows in the facade has been left open…

In the second story, fear is connected with shadows in the grass, with white roses… and with one name: “Who is Charlie, my darling?”.

In the third story, our worst nightmares come out of a closet. It is a very simple closet, in a very simple child’s room…

Fear has many faces and it is always hidden in the details. There is no way to destroy it, even if you try to burn it, or give it to some stranger, or lock it somewhere. It always comes back, sometimes after many years, it comes back the very exact moment when you thought you had forgotten about it, and it had forgotten about you.

*The play is in the greek language.