2-day Circuit Bending Workshop & its DIY modular applications

Saturday/Sunday, 11 & 12 June 2022 | 10:00-15:00
50€ per day / 100€ for both days
Info / Ticket Reservations:
limited spots/reservations required: 213 00 40 496 &

The composer, performer and musical instrument creator Tasos Stamos organizes a circuit bending workshop at KET.

The circuit bending technique uses practices of improvised synthesizers, DIY modular synthesizers, the use of alternative technology and the recycling of electronic devices to create musical (and not only) instruments. Tasos Stamos has been systematically working with these techniques for ten years and has organized corresponding workshops in various European cities.

During the workshop, participants will acquire all the necessary knowledge in order to be able to transform pre-existing simple electronic systems into more complex and interactive instruments for creation and experimentation, using simple techniques and flexible “tricks”. Although participation in both days is not necessary, as they focus on different topics, it is strongly recommended for a complete introduction to the technique of circuit bending.

Day 1 / Saturday 11 June / 10:00-15:00 / introduction to circuit bending:

The first day is an introduction to circuit bending and requires no prior knowledge of electronics. Participants will have the opportunity to create their own electronic instruments, after being taught many of the secrets of this transformation of seemingly trashy used electronic devices into more complex and easy-to-use synthesizers. Both the theoretical and practical aspects will be extensively covered with simple and clear instructions. All the necessary tools and instruments will be available to the participants and with the guidance of the instructor they will be able to build a “musical instrument” to take home with them. Also, if participants wish, they can bring their own electronic systems, which they will modify during the workshop.

Day 2 / Sunday 12 June / 10:00-15:00 / its modular applications:

The second day focuses on the applications of this DIY technology in combination with other electronic equipment (analog modular synthesizers, video synthesizers, synchronization with usb interfaces (Arduino, Raspberry etc.), lights, motors, etc.). It is aimed at users of the aforementioned technologies or people who want to learn how to create their own machines that work with such technologies at the lowest possible cost. Particular emphasis will be placed on the interaction of circuit bending devices with modular synthesizers via cv control, as an alternative to creating DIY modules from seemingly inexpensive materials. The more specific direction of the workshop will also be based on the needs of the participants: the time dedicated to the above techniques will depend both on the desire of the participants and on the intention of some to bring equipment for testing (modular synthesizers, analog TVs, etc.).

*The workshop understands that the cost of participation may make it difficult for some to register, but assures that it will be an investment for those who want to get into the use of technologies that they can build themselves so that they do not depend on the already high cost of such devices.


Tasos Stamos is an electroacoustic music composer, performer, researcher and teacher of alternative music technology based in London. He is also a radio and studio producer. His company ‘Stamou Instruments’, in addition to making a range of unique musical instruments from recycled materials, runs circuit bending workshops, both at prominent institutions (The Barbican, Guildhall School of Music, Canterbury Christ Church University, Onassis Stegi etc.) and alternative communities (Music Hackspace London, Sounds of the Underground Festival etc.). The aim is to raise awareness among participants about recycling the overabundance of electronic waste and turning it into an alternative creative medium for expression and experimentation that combines technology and art.