Collecting the Collective

Tuesday 21 & 28 March 2023 | 21:00
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reservations required: & ☏ 213 00 40 496

Athens Arts Collective launches at KET a series of performances dedicated to improvisation and the meeting of artists from different artistic fields, entitled “Collecting the Collective”.

~ Tuesday 21 March | 21:00

Surrounded by the group “42 Years Day 42 Years Night”, the first evening combines musical improvisation, with jazz as a main influence, and the performance of texts from Japanese, French and Greek poetry.

“The performance consists of three parts, which will symbolize the beginning, the realization and the acceptance of the mortal nature of man. The choice of poems, musical composition, performances, lighting and staging are based on this structure.”

original compositions, musical improvisation: Dimitris Ventourakis, Socrates Tsentoglou

vocal performance: Maria Kritsotaki, Stefanos Tsifas

texts: Haiku of classical Japanese poets, Remy de Gourmont – “Litanies de la rose”, Yannis Livadas – “Poems of Kelyfos”

~ Tuesday 28 March | 21:00

Surrounded by the group “42 Years Day 42 Years Night” and the dancers/performers Despina Sanida-Krezia and Lida Diochnou, the second night combines musical and dance improvisation based on two scores written especially for the occasion.

The four people will be divided into two duos with one musician and one dancer each and will act on a specific score/part without having played together before, thus creating a first contact framework in which they will improvise. Their study and preparation will have been done individually and remotely.

Key words: submissive≠dominant, metaphor≠submissive, horizontal structure, observation
Dance: Despina Sanida-Krezia and Leda Diochnou
Music: Dimitris Ventourakis and Socrates Tsentoglou
Score: Despina Sanida-Krezia