Dave De Rose presents… #2: “Rave Soundtrack Papaioannou”

Friday 24 November 2023 | 21:00
Info / Ticket Reservations: & ☏ 213 00 40 496

Dave De Rose opens a monthly cycle of live performances at KET, bringing together creators and performers from the whole spectrum of the Athenian artistic community. For the second night of the season, he joins forces with filmmaker Nefeli Papaioannou and the music group Rave At Your Fictional Borders.

Nefeli Papaioannou is a filmmaker and photographer based in Athens. Her most recent work focuses on ecological and feminist themes through myths, tradition and memory. For this performance at KET she’ll present moving extracts form her vast archive, with an aim to create an open audiovisual dialogue with the musicians from the band Rave At Your Fictional Borders constructing together an emotive improvised rendition of memory fragments.

With Sotiris Tsolis on drums, Marius Mathiszik on guitar, loops and fx’s and Dave De Rose on bass, Rave At Your Fictional Borders mixes ambient, noise, krautrock and avant-garde elements with the improvisational spirit of psychedelic jazz.

With a career that has included collaborations with renowned artists like Moloko, Mulatu Astatke, Rokia Traore, and Mark Ronson, among many others, Dave De Rose has spent the past 14 years pursuing underground music projects. He’s a core member of the space-age Gnawa project Electric Jalaba and the Athenian newborn Rave At Your Fictional Borders, as well as the director of Agile Experiments (2018-present). Agile Experiments has been well received by the underground experimental jazz community worldwide, releasing 11 LPs in 5 years. Catching the attention of the British Library’s “Sound Archive” project early on, they requested to have it in their catalog to archive and preserve the music as part of the nation’s audio and cultural heritage. Dave’s own label, DDR Records, boasts 25 independent record releases encompassing anything from ambient, songwriter-funk, free improv, jazz, and electro-acoustic techno.