default presents Venus Volcanism: Tissue album release

Thursday 30 November 2023 | 20:00
Info / Ticket Reservations: & ☏ 213 00 40 496

Default returns with the presentation of Venus Volcanism’s new album, on Thursday 30 November at KET.

Default is an artistic event where various art forms coexist spatially and temporally. It has taken place in various cities of Greece with the participation of over 100 artists and has been hosted mainly in places of particular aesthetic and historical importance. In this episode default ise delighted to collaborate once again with Venus Volcanism for a special Live AV performance.

Venus Volcanism, also known as Rena Rasouli, is a singer, musician and electronic music producer from Crete. For the last 2,5 years, she has been living in the northernmost city of Iceland, Siglufjörður. Her second solo album, “Tissue” – to be released on November 24 by Submersion records – was recorded 40 km south of the Arctic Circle, between 2022 and 2023, and deals with the concept of “tissue”, combining electronic and ambient music with traditional elements and neoclassical sound.

The driving force for the compositions of the album was a reference by the Swiss sound wave scientist Hans Jenny: “Nature creates based on rhythms, periods, cycles, reduplications, series, sequences, etc… This is how natural structures are constructed. The very origin of the word tissue (“tissue” but also “fabric”) from the Latin texere (“weave”) is a commentary in itself: cells are arranged in rows, patterns succeed one another wherever we look. Cellular structures take the form of frames, networks, lattices, families of elements that repeat and succeed one another in regular sequences, forming fringes and hyphae, whether we observe them with the naked eye or with a microscope.”

Venus Volcanism is inspired by this concept of the natural web in two ways: applying the logic of the structures and sequences of the natural world, she “weaves” repetitive patterns of sound – ethereal vocals, synthesizers with drones and slow arpeggios – with natural soundscapes (field recordings) she recorded herself while exploring her new environment – the crescendo of an active volcano in Fagradalsfjall, the mud bubbling in the troughs of the Seltún geothermal area, the ebb and flow of the ocean tide in Dýrafjörður, the eerie echoes of frozen lakes and migrating birds. The combination of the two weaves an aural journey to the ultimate North, as she experiences it.

The album “Tissue” is a sonic heterotopia, between the tangible and the surreal, in which the vibrations and cyclical patterns of nature weave the inner journey of reconciliation of the creator with her own personal scar tissues.

It will be preceded and followed by a DJ set by idiom and In Atlas.

The concert will be accompanied by the visuals of Eleftheria Zanidaki.


20.00 Opening set: idiom (default)

21.15 Venus Volcanism live with Visuals by Eleftheria Zanidaki

22.30 Closing set: In Atlas

Rena Rasouli studied theatre and contemporary singing in Athens and has attended seminars of traditional and polyphonic music. She has participated in electronic and traditional music festivals in Greece, Denmark, Austria and Iceland. She has collaborated with various musicians and bands from the Greek music scene. She is a member of the electronic duo V.V.I.A., alongside the Danish In Atlas, and a member of Lepidoptera (Coti.K). Her musical projects deal with a variety of musical genres, and she is involved in ambient, darkwave, post-punk and techno sounds, soundscapes, field recordings, traditional and polyphonic practices. Her first solo album “Rizitiko” was released in March 2020 by Weaponize Your Sound, a subsidiary of Scottish Optimo, which has been presented in Greece, Denmark and Iceland. Her new album, “Tissue”, which draws inspiration from Icelandic nature and its sounds, is released on November 24. Venus Volcanism’s music has been released by Submersion Records, Weaponise Your Sound/Optimo Music, Women of V.V.I.A., Natty Wombat, Phormix, Meta Moto, Vinylograph, June and Echovolt.


In Atlas