Elena Michalopoulou / Efthymis Naoumis

Thursday 16 February 2023 | 21:00
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reservations required: & ☏ 213 00 40 496

Two sets of electroacoustic sound by Elena Michalopoulou and Efthymis Naoumis.

Elena Michalopoulou – “Wasser”:

Acoustic and electronic sound, speech, words, notes, rhythm and noise. The various media come together in a structured, improvisational framework that seeks the sounds of water and the liquid element. The electro-acoustic act creates images, brings back memories and places the listener in a natural, earthy landscape.

Efthymis Naoumis – “Cμίξη”:

The electro-acoustic set “Cμίξη” fuses electronic sound, analogue or digital, with autobiographical, experiential and traditional musical recordings. It is a search for personal identity and the concept of origin with sound experimentation, musical tradition, the sound of the family and general sound atmospheres and situations of everyday life as a basic medium.