“En face” — Cinemakhia Collective

Saturday 13 May 2023 | 20:00
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KET screens the documentary “En face” (2015, 60′) by the Cinemakhia collective. A discussion with the filmmakers will follow.

Cape Korakas, in Lesbos, faces the Turkish coastline. During the so called “European refugees crisis” of 2015, each day, thousands of migrants land on its shores and walk to the village of Kleio, first step of their European journey. The arrival and passage of “those from the other side” have shaken up the village and its people, many of whom are, themselves, descendants of refugees from Asia Minor. Between rejection and identification with today’s exiles, these stories intertwine and give place to multiple games of mirrors.

Cinemakhia is a collective composed of Greek and French members, assembled around the project of this documentary film. The collective’s name, composed of the Greek words  ‘cinema’ and ‘alliance’, outlines our goal. Coming from diverse backgrounds such as sociology, anthropology, psychology, history, and economy, Cinemakhia members are not all part of the documentary cinema world. This collective energy and plurality of approaches is the project’s force, and proof that alternative ways of collaborating exist.


Fb page Cinemakhia:

With the support of CNC – Fonds d’aide à l’innovation documentaire, Les Batelières Productions.

Official selection and awards:

The Athens Ethnographic Film Festival
Traces de Vies
FIFIG (Festival international du film insulaire de l’ile de Groix) : Prix Lucien Kimitété
Festival Semons l’avenir
Le mois du documentaire

The film is screened in greek with english subtitles.