Francesca Heart (IT) / Polonius (EG) / Ducktails (USA)

Sunday 14 May 2023 | 20:00
Info / Ticket Reservations:
reservations required: & ☏ 213 00 40 496

Three sets of electronic sound by Francesca Heart (Italy), Polonius (Egypt), Ducktails (USA). Before, after and between the live shows, DJ Maria (Greece) selects the music.

Francesca Mariano (aka Francesca Heart) is a musician, dancer and researcher from Southern Italy. The music she is currently creating is inspired by Mediterranean mythology and video game soundtracks. Her latest album, Eurybia (Leaving Records, 2022) is, according to Pitchfork, “a constantly moving tide of melodies pouring in all directions, while feeling eternally, peacefully still. Silky-soft sounds become exhilarating in Heart’s hands.”

Seifeldin Gaber (aka Polonius) is a Milan based multi-instrumentalist and composer born and raised in Cairo, Egypt. Since 2016 he has released several albums and demos, dubbed archeomirages, with a filmic approach on certain archeological paradigms and the history surrounding them. Involving sometimes collaborations with artist such as Jooklo Duo or Loto Retina, or being involved in the many films of LA filmmaker Weston Razooli. His releases include his own Antique Fantasia series, or albums on labels such as Sun Ark Records, Goaty Tapes or Ikuisuus. More recently, Polonius has been delving into the pataphysical stretching of beats, dubbed free foot. A genre of dragon rides and sweltering saxophones on top of coltranian mind infused beats.

Matthew Mondanile, one of the pioneers of hypnagogic pop, started recording and releasing improvised cassettes under the pseudonym Ducktails during his final year of university. His first two albums, “Ducktails” and “Landscapes”, were an immediate success in the US as well as internationally. A few years later, he founded, as composer and principal guitarist, the band Real Estate. His last two albums, “Watercolors” and “Impressions”, were written and recorded in Athens, where he has been living for 5 years. At KET he will perform new material for guitar and electronics.