Bethnal Greener / Aggelos kyriou

Thursday 18 May 2023 | 21:00
Info / Ticket Reservations:
reservations required: & ☏ 213 00 40 496

Bethnal Greener is the musical vehicle of Kostis Kilimis, sound artist and researcher. Coming from the field of noise and electroacoustic experimentation, he currently builds narratives between stripped down electronics and the insistent inner pulse of sounds. On April 22 he presented his first EP, “Febbre del Lago”, at Orila. At KET, he will present for the first time in their entirety BG’s songs, written in the winter of 23 – for the winter of 23 – at Gyzi. Haris Neilas (bass, electronics) will participate.

Aggelos Kyriou started recording for him in the middle of the pre-previous decade and continues to do so until today.