Kalliopi Mitropoulou – “Lament”

Wednesday 15 March 2023 | 21:00
Info / Ticket Reservations:
reservations required: & ☏ 213 00 40 496

Kalliopi Mitropoulou’s first solo performance in Athens between classical, experimental and pop music, with unique instruments, the violin and the voice.

Known for her collaborations with iconic classical and contemporary orchestras (London Philharmonic, London Contemporary Orchestra, BBC Symphony Orchestra, Lyric Orchestra), for her collaborations with Erland Cooper, William Basinski, Oi va voi and with groups and artists of the Greek scene (Echo Tides, Ensemble SIBILiMA, Pan pan, Vassilina, Logout, ALEM, mmmd), for her experimental collaboration with cellist Zoè Saubat in the experimental neoclassical duo T U R Q U O I S E (“Arrival”, “TURQUOISE”), Kalliopi Mitropoulou introduces us to her musical worlds. Her first LP ‘Between’ will be released in 2023, and we’ve already got a glimpse of her first singles, ‘KOTO’ and ‘It’s the water’.