Yorgia Karidi | zZonkd (MIZI/Oliver Torr/Jay Glass Dubs) | DJ Werewolf In Love

Thursday 13 April 2023 | 21:00
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reservations required: & ☏ 213 00 40 496

Two sets of electronic sound and free improvisation by Yorgia Karidi and newcomers zZonkd (MIZI/Oliver Torr/Jay Glass Dubs) accompanied by a DJ set by DJ Werewolf In Love (Spencer Clark).

Yorgia Karidi is an Athenian visual artist, musician, dj and performer, whose works / ‘live sets’ focus on listening, vocal qualities and inter-media, cross-genre compositions. She works with painting, sculpture, video, performance, sound and verbal scores. She has worked extensively with the human voice in performance with the desire to understand the historical, political and cultural context of the existence of a femininity in the world. Bonding with the community she belongs in, collaborating with artists and musicians and the poetry in simple acts and gestures are axis of her work. Her latest practice/research, uses the symbol phrase Free Things and is devoted to empowering creativity and the rare liberating elements in today’s life. Published work among others on labels: Nutty Wombat, Inner Ear Records, Orila Records, Ecstatic, Bokeh Versions.

Dimitris Papadatos (aka Jay Glass Dubs) is a composer, musician and sound artist based in Athens. His project, Jay Glass Dubs, is an exercise in style that focuses on a contradictory historical approach to dub music, stripped down to its basic drum/bass/vox/effects form. His work has been presented at various international institutions and festivals (Berlin Atonal, Meakusma Festival, documenta14, Transmediale), and he has performed at venues and spaces such as Macao in Milan, Portikus in Frankfurt, Kraftwerk, HkW in Berlin, Cafe OTO and Corsica Studios in London. /

Oliver Torr is a Europe based composer, sound designer and sound artist. Since early age, he has been pursuing various activities revolving around sound, improvisation, art and music. He also has had a history of instrument building, self releasing Max devices, etc. He has been active in gallery environments, the performance scene, and has made music and sound design for various films and video art pieces. /

Yiorgos Mizithras or “MIZI” is a musician, active both as a composer and performer in the fields of experimental music, improvisation, live electronic music, music for theatrical performances and audiovisual installations. He is a member of the collective KE.Di.Mou.Ra and the experimental music ensemble Trigger Happy and he produces and curates the online radio platform His most recent work entitled “Music Behind the Music” was published by label39 and TOPOT. /