Loup Uberto solo

Thursday 7 March 2024 | 21:00
Info / Ticket Reservations: & ☏ 213 00 40 496

Tamburelli, acoustic short circuits, transistor sounds, medieval and traditional songs from Northern Italy, bagpipes and mobile phones, indistinct music, silent writing, white images, noise, vocals: the French musician Loup Uberto appears for the first time in Greece, presenting his sonic world in a unique solo set.

His art belongs to the broad field of improvisational music. He places the voice at the centre of his research. At the intersection of crafts, photography, installation and performance, he collects and processes sounds – Cuban music, Kurdish songs from Syria, expressions of struggle or mysticism from a mining area in Tunisia, work songs from Italy… -, then proceeds to make particular sound collages. Each drawing thus constitutes a kind of travel diary.

His latest solo album, “Racconto artigiano”, is inspired by the essay “Experience and Poverty” in which Walter Benjamin comments on the drying up of the popular and traditional repertoire. Recorded in the protestant temple of Mens-en-Trièves, at the foot of the Alps, the album is the result of three or four years of research.

Together with Alexis Vinéïs, Lucas Ravinale and Jean-Philippe Curtelin, Loup Uberto is also the founder of the Bégayer group, whose latest album, “Évohé Bègue”, will be released by Murailles Music on 11 March. His explorations meet folk and rock elements in this context.

In Athens, alongside the concert at KET, he intends to record audio, written and photographic testimonies of the experience of exile and wandering, working with communities in the surrounding area.

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