o aggelokrousmenos

Monday/Tuesday, 6, 7, 13 & 14 March + Monday, 20 & 27 March 2023 | 21:00
12€, 10€, 5€
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reservations required: & ☏ 213 00 40 496

Kostis Kallivretakis presents at KET, for six nights only, the short story by Andreas Nikolakopoulos “o aggelokrousmenos”.

“In “aggelokrousmenos”, I encountered the most familiar and understandable assumption about what it means to “breathe my last breath” and “pass on to the hereafter”.

Contrary to all the religious traditions of Greece, the central character of the story, Simos, discovers “in absolute terror” that “the other side” is not only the realm of eternal loneliness but also that of eternal martyrdom; he is next to his living loved ones but no one is aware of his presence.

The performance attempts a different stage experience for the narrator and the audience. It avoids the “theatre”, i.e. “seeing”, and focuses on awakening the sense of hearing, smell and touch, neglecting sight. Through the evocation of the senses and their connection to tucked away memories, the audience itself becomes not only a receiver but also a carrier of the narrative.

The whole, as Andreas Nikolakopoulos writes in the introduction of the book, “is dedicated to the moving shadows and the silent spirits of my occasional rooms. I wish them to be at peace and to walk towards the light”.”

(Kostis Kallivretakis)

text: Andreas Nikolakopoulos (from the collection “Saltos”, Ikaros Publications, Athens, 2022)

concept, direction, narration: Kostis Kallivretakis

assistant director: Lena Mpampasaki

duration: 45’

*The performance is in the greek language.

*The audience is given disposable blindfolds during the performance, which block their vision.

A production of ΑΜΚΕ cloudsdonthaveshape.