Philoctetes | Elephas tiliensis

every Friday, Saturday & Sunday, from 10/5 to 9/6, 21:00
12€, 10€, 5€
Yiorgos Blanas
dramaturgy - direction:
Dimitris Agartzidis, Despoina Anastasoglou
original music:
Pavlos Pavlidis
Scenery - costumes:
Ioanna Plessa
Vasilis Klotsotiras
Karol Jarek
on stage:
Yioula Bountali, Irene Bountali, Dimitris Agartzidis

Philoctetes, a performance based on the great play by Sophocles, is presented by the group Elephas tiliensis, directed by Dimitris Agartzidis and Despoina Anastasoglou, from the 10th of May at KET.

Philoctetes is the first description of the psychotherapeutic process in human history. The group Elephas tiliensis deals with the story of Philoctetes, the loneliest and the most underprivileged hero of Sophocles, in an almost psychoanalytic way, enhanced by the translation of Yiorgos Blanas and the original music of Pavlos Pavlidis. Understanding the healing function of the heroes and the internal mechanisms that lead to their interaction, the performance of Elephas tiliensis is a show with deep belief in human abilities to resist and turn the dysfunctions into mental and physical health.

Philoctetes is heading to Troy with the Greeks. But he never arrives there, as he is bitten by a sacred aquatic snake on Chrysa Island. The Atrides – Agamemnon and Menelaos – along with Odysseus leave Philoctetes in Lemnos, because they cannot withstand his screams of pain and the stench of his wound that disrupt the whole camp. For ten years, throughout the Trojan War, he lives in a cave all alone and sick. The only thing he has, is the famous bow that Hercules gave him when he saved his life.

Odysseus and the son of Achilles, Neoptolemos, arrive in Lemnos to convince Philoctetes to follow them back to Troy, because the prophet Elenos said that the Greeks would win the war only with Hercules’ unbeatable arrows. Odysseus urges Neoptolemos to fool Philoctetes and take him with him to Troy. Neoptolemos faces a great moral dilemma, but in front of Odysseus’ pressure and promises of glory and honor, he retreats and convinces Philoctetes to deliver the bow to him. But then he succumbs to the demands of his conscience and returns to Philoctetes the bow and the arrows of Hercules. Finally, after the intervention of the latter as a “deus ex machina”, Philoctetes goes to Troy, kills with his arrows Paris and brings victory to the Achaeans.


We would like to thank the company “supertitles” for kindly giving us the supertitlers.

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Philoctetes will be presented at the “Antivaro” festival in Rethymno (20&21/4) and at the Act Theatre in Patras (3,4&5/5).

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