S Y M P T O S I S | Strange Attractors

Friday 14/2, 21:00
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Anna Chocholi, Kyriakos Charalampides and Daniel Brito, visit KET for the first time to present their audiovisual performances.

S Y M P T O S I S (Anna Chocholi / Kyriakos Charalampides) is an audiovisual performance inspired by the notion of coincidence as a fundamental source of creation. Each segment of the performance refers to a different material structure. The audio-visual result explores complex structures emerging through micro-time scales and motion.

Strange Attractors (Darien Brito) is an audiovisual live performance heavily influenced by chaotic systems. They were first described by Edward Lorenz, while researching patterns in the weather. I am looking into how such systems can provide rich textures of sound and how they can be used to form ordered geometrical forms, both in 2 and 3 dimensions. The work follows an abstract narrative, moving from minimalistic landscapes to rich textures and forms.