Sean Nicholas Savage w/ live group + opening act: Michael Beharie

Wednesday 31 May 2023 | 21:00
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reservations required: & ☏ 213 00 40 496

Sean Nicholas Savage

w/ live group + opening act: Michael Beharie

Curated by Kormoranos.

Canadian Sean Nicholas Savage, one of the most unique solo singer-songwriters of the indie pop scene in recent years, returns for the third consecutive summer in Greece, this year for the first time with a live band – the two keybordists who will accompany him throughout his European tour.

The concert at KET takes place about a year after the release of his latest album, “Shine”, which he recorded with Mac Demarco in Los Angeles in 2022. A series of songs that although in the studio had a clear acoustic/guitar orientation, in live they take on a different meaning, played exclusively by keyboards.

An artist with a very personal character, a musician distinguished for the minimalist orchestration of his performances, a performer who can provoke as well as move, Sean Nicholas Savage leaves no one indifferent. With more than ten releases on Canada’s Arbutus Records, with an impressive underground theatrical musical interrupted by the pandemic and a recent musical monologue, “The Fear”, also presented as a short film, Sean Nicholas Savage’s career is full of bold turns, surprises, introspection and excess.

The music of the American Michael Beharie, stands somewhere between sound system culture, pop transmissions and free improvisation. In addition to his solo releases on independent labels Astro Nautico and Shinkoyo records, Michael has occasionally toured and/or recorded with groups and musicians such as Zs, Greg Fox’s Quadrinity and cellist Teddy Rankin-Parker.