spoken word

Spoken Maik #3

Thursday 1 June 2023 | 20:00
free entrance
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Spoken word, a form of oral poetry with experiential, political or satirical elements, focuses on the words themselves, their dynamics, the tone of voice, the gestures and expressions that accompany the utterance of the speech. It draws its roots from gospel, jazz, soul, the poetry of the Beat Generation, the Harlem Renaissance movement. At the crossroads of black music, the community’s struggle for equal rights, poetry and prosaic everyday speech, it is the basis on which rap was formed. It is today a global and diverse artistic medium of expression.

On Thursday 1 June, KET closes its season with a third multilingual “open mic” evening. Curated by Stavros Anagnou and Niki Papadogiannaki, Spoken Maik nights will return at KET from October, once a month.

Those who want to participate should come half an hour before the start time (19:30) and add their name to the list of participants. Each act can last up to 5 minutes.

A brief review of the history of spoken word:


Some iconic figures in the art of spoken word:

– Gil Scott-Heron


– Dean Atta


– Benjamin Zephaniai


– Allen Ginsberg