STELLAGE presents: Katya Shirshkova / David Maranha / Giuseppe Ielasi

Saturday 20 April 2024 | 18:00
Info / Ticket Reservations: & ☏ 213 00 40 496

On the occasion of Katya Shirshkova (RU) and David Maranha‘s (PRT) split album “Heron / A reuinåo” launch, released via Stellage on the second week of May, Kypseli’s most adventurous record shop is presenting a night at KET with Katya, David and the legend who mastered the album, non other than Giuseppe Ielasi (IT). Copies of the album will be available exclusively on the night.

Katya Shirshkova is a vocalist, composer, performance artist and lecturer, working in the field of experimental music on the borderline between academic avant-garde and sound art, mainly with voice and amateur choirs applying interdisciplinary methods in her work which connects her sound experiments with performance art.

David Maranha‘s work encompasses sculpture, music and architecture. In 1986 he started to develop his work as a musician both as a solo artist and with several bands and has since released more than 30 albums. He has formed “osso exótico” in 1989. He has worked with musicians such as Z’EV, Emmanuel Holterbach, Helena Espvall, Phill Niblock, David Grubbs, Akio Suzuki, Will Guthrie, Stephan Mathieu, Andrea Belfi, Alex Zhang Hungtai, Jochen Arbeit, Minit, Pete Simonelli, Arnold Dreyblatt, Jacob Kirkegaard, Carla Bozulich, Chris Cutler, Werner Durand, Robert Rutman, Ben Frost, Helge Sten and more. His collaborative projects, include: Organ Eye, Bowline, Curia.

Giuseppe Ielasi was born in 1974, he grew up in the south of Italy and now resides in the outskirts of Milano with his family. He has been making music and touring since the late nineties (he tours much less nowadays). He mostly plays solo, but also in Bellows (with Nicola Ratti), Rain Text (with Giovanni Civitenga) and in duos with Enrico Malatesta, Kassel Jaeger, Andrew Pekler and collaborates regularly with film maker and photographer Armin Linke (also editing his films). He has released (short) records on 12k, Entr’acte, Schoolmap (which he co-curates with Francesco Tenaglia), Senufo Editions (which he co-curates with Jennifer Veillerobe), Dekorder, Holidays, Error Broadcast and a few other labels.)

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