The Worm Rose of Athens

Saturday 2 March 2024 | 18:00
Info / Ticket Reservations: & ☏ 213 00 40 496

The Stellage record store that recently opened its doors in the area of Kypseli and the label The Tapeworm are curating two concerts and an art exhibition in the physical space of the record store and at KET.

Friday 1 March | 18:00 | Stellage (Kypselis 49) | free entrance

Acts: Bethnal GreenerAlcibiades (JGD x venoztks), Philip Marshall

Saturday 2 March | 18:00 | KET (Kyprou 91A) | 10€

Acts: Marta De PascalisJay Glass Dubs plays Jeck Glass DubsSimon Pomeryvenoztks

From March 1 to May 1, Stellage hosts Savage Pencil’s art exhibition, “Reel Thing: An exhibition of artworks for The Tapeworm”.

Marta De Pascalis’s sonic world acts as an uncanny translator that freezes and expands emotions, conveying them into unique soundscapes. Her solo works employ analog, FM synthesis, and a tape-loop system, whereby she carves waveforms to shape cathartic sound bodies. She has performed at several festivals and venues, notably Berlin Atonal, Museo Reina Sofia, Biennale di Venezia, Berghain, Volksbühne, Café OTO, and Mutek Festival. Her latest album, 2023’s “Sky Flesh”, was released by Catarina Barbieri’s Light-years imprint. Previous releases include “Anzar” (The Tapeworm, 2016), Her Core (The Wormhole, 2018) and Sons Ruinae (Morphine, 2020).

Jay Glass Dubs (aka Dimitris Papadatos) is a composer, musician and sound artist based in Athens, Greece. The main concern in his work is an apposition of disparate elements that assume a re-appropriation of historically applied methodologies while questioning forms of empowering them. The biggest body of his work reflects issues as copyright, spirituality and originality, undergoing a constant state of transfiguration of its outsourcing. His project, Jay Glass Dubs, is an exercise of style partially focusing on a counter-factual historical approach of dub music, stripped down to its basic drum/bass/vox/effects form. His work has been presented in various international institutions and festivals including Berlin Atonal, Meakusma Festival, documenta14 and Terraforma while he has performed in venues and spaces such as Macao in Milan, Portikus in Frankfurt, Kraftwerk, HkW in Berlin, Cafe OTO and Corsica Studios in London to name just a few.

Simon Pomery is a sonic artist, drummer, guitarist and poet. As Blood Music he has released records on FLUF, Diagonal, Takuroku, Superpang, dingn/dents and The Tapeworm. Blood Music is the artist name and the genre, which is an ongoing project for examining the internal. He has performed at festivals including Berlin Atonal, Les Urbaines, Incubate, Wysing Polyphonic, and venues like Soup, Club Stomp, Les Atelier Claus, The Arnolfini, Cafe OTO, and a water tank in Lewisham, London.

Bethnal Greener (aka Kostis Kilymis) is a Greek artist based in Athens. He employs electric and electronic material, capturing and manipulating sound, image and electroacoustic phenomena. Focusing on feedback systems, noise and immersive environments, his work attempts to unveil the nuances within the complex sensory experiences surrounding us. He has been an improviser, performer and collaborator – his encounters including Lucio Capece, Nikos Veliotis, Leif Elggren, Sarah Hughes, Stephen Cornford and Phil Julian amongst others. He curates the Organized Music from Thessaloniki label and is part of the Rekem Records collective. Recent work has been released on The Tapeworm, Orila, I Dischi Del Barone, Hideous Replica and Entr’acte.

venoztks is the alias of one of the three founders of The Tapeworm, though we don’t precisely know which one. An exploration of electronic improvisation, full of prowling frequency fluctuations, gravelly static, sibilant hissing, clicks, unpredictable tone formations and rapid oscillations between noisy rumbles and quiet, occasionally flute-like intricacy. Scratchy noises appear, flutter violently at your ears and then recede, once more becoming inchoate and elusive. venoztks doesn’t so much operate at the margins but within the interstitial frequencies of shortwave radio.

Alcibiades (JGD x venoztks): A collaboration between shortwave merchant venoztks and local boy Dimitris Papadatos, filtering Doric architecture, peasant music and anything else they stumble (and often fall over) on the way. Previously released “Omicronology”, their first collaboration on Spire’s “bis dat” collection of The Eternal Chord reworks from 2022. They are working on a new album right now.

London-born Philip Marshall is a graphic designer working with record labels, musicians, cultural events and fashion brands. He is a co-founder of The Tapeworm cassette label which develops new ideas for a once-obsolete medium and which has released over 160 tapes since 2009.

Savage Pencil/SavX (aka Edwin Pouncey) is an underground cartoonist, artist and writer who lives and works in South London. Singed by the same artistic flame that produced 50s horror comics, Mad magazine and 60s US underground comix – together with the occult drawings of Austin Osman Spare – a selection of his previous ugly visions have since been collected in “Rated SavX – A Savage Pencil Skratchbook” (Strange Attractor). His most recent works can be viewed on Instagram at flyzruz.

poster artwork: Savage Pencil