Vyron Katritsis — “3 Pieces”

Thursday 11 May 2023 | 21:00
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Vyron Katritsis presents at KET the work “The rot at the heart of Greece is now clear for everyone to see” that was released in winter as well as two unreleased compositions.

#1 “Piano Variations”

A piano loop is repeated over and over again, ever changing until it becomes completely unrecognizable. Without the addition of any other sound, the melodic material is constantly worked to disappear and give way to an indeterminate sonic environment in which chance plays a predominant role.

#2 “The rot at the heart of Greece is now clear for everyone to see”

Released digitally last winter. In this work, inspired by the current political situation regarding the state surveillance scandal, a few minutes of improvisation in an organ is transformed into a drone symphony that is surreptitiously built using parastatal materials such as parasites, noise, spinoffs and secret sound effects.

#3 “Mariner 108”

“Mariner 108” is another unreleased work. Constructed with the minimalist technique, it constantly goes on an uncertain journey just like a sailor lost in the vastness of the sea and his mind.

Vyron Katritsis was born in Athens in 1980. His musical style varies from experimental electronic to contemporary folk songwriting. He studied French literature at the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Athens and, at the same time, studied music theory and harmony. In 2000, he started a recording career that goes through various groups (Neon, Opsis, Vyron’s girlfriend) or solo projects (Vyron Katritsis, Tsironis/Katritsis). He has released more than twenty albums. He has collaborated with many musicians, from Vangelis Germanos to Steve Wynn. He has also composed music for dozens of theatre/dance performances and for cinema. His work has been presented in venues and festivals (Greek Festival, Reworks, Synch, Bios, Gagarin, 6 dogs, KET, Little Music Theatre…). He has worked with directors such as Grigoris Hatzakis, Yannis Kakleas, Lily Meleme, Lia Tsolaki etc. Finally, he has written four plays, the comic book “Blind Violence” published by KPSM and the poetry collection “Chapter One” published by 24 grammata.