Yiannis Arapis ALONE

Friday 4/10, 21:00
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Yiannis Arapis presents tracks and improvisations for electric guitar, exploring all of his musical influences, from Sonny Sharrock, Mary Halvorson, Janet Feder to Fred Frith, Nikita Koshkin and Earth. Composition – improvisation – noise – deconstruction.

Electric guitar has always been an instrument of experimentation designed to express, develop and create new kinds of music, as it offered a new sound that could simulate the sounds of our modern industrial landscape.

Yiannis Arapis is a guitar player. He explores the genres of noise rock, free jazz, free improvisation and more. He participates in the bands: Sans Corps, Ramdat, Mammock and The Coal. He also works with individuals and artists from various fields of the audio spectrum.

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