Yorgas Helmet / Oliver Torr / MIZI

Wednesday 1 November 2023 | 21:00
Info / Ticket Reservations: & ☏ 213 00 40 496

Yorgas Helmet, Oliver Torr and MIZI complete a mini European tour (Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece) at KET.

Georgios Karamanolakis (aka Yorgas Helmet), contemporary conceptual artist, musician (ODOS 55), composer of experimental electronic music, creator and key member of the group OMIO (2000), producer of “Athens Inner City Broadcast”, has participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions and collaborated with Jean-Marc Foussat (France), Hiroshi Hasegawa (Japan), Daniel Menche (USA), Drew Mac Dowell (Scotland) or Phill Niblock (USA). His work has been featured in magazines and publications (“Frieze”, “Wire”, “Blow Up”, etc.).

Oliver Torr is a Europe based multidisciplinary artist, composer, and sound designer. He draws on impulsive improvisation, technology, extreme ends of soniXx & composition. He has built instruments, been active in gallery environments, performance spaces, and has made music and sound design for various films // video art pieces. He has collaborated with artists from multiple realms, including John Richards, Elvin Brandhi, Black Tar Jesus, Axonbody, and many others. His work has been presented and written about in publications such as The Wire, Quietus, Electronic Sound, and others.

Giorgios Mizithras aka ‘MIZI’ is a musician, sound artist and creative programmer. He is active both as a composer and a performer in a range of fields, including experimental electronic music, improvisation, sound art, music for performing arts, audiovisual installations and radio art. His current focus revolves around the idea of “media rummaging”, the constant intuitive exploration of different playback, recording and transmission media, creating works based on the unique properties of different sound media. He’s part of the KEDiMouRa Collective and the experimental music ensemble Trigger Happy. He’s a curator and producer of the web radio art platform He has released two albums, Music Behind Music (ΤΟΠΟΤ) and Watch Paint Dry (Abstand label).